DFW Custom VIDEO Surveillance 
Security Cameras &amp; Burglary Alarm System <span style="font-weight: bold;">Installation</span> and <span style="font-weight: bold;">Monitoring</span>
Security Cameras & Burglary Alarm System Installation and Monitoring

We’ll always provide you with state of the art equipment to keep up with state of the art criminals. 

At DFW Custom Video Surveillance we can design and install security cameras in conjuction with burglary alarm systems custom fit for your lifestyle needs and major concerns. Along with alarm installation we also provide 24/7 alarm system monitoring. 

Have an existing system? No problem! We can service or replace them too. 

Trench Digging &amp; Conduit Run
Trench Digging & Conduit Run
Have a detached structure you want secured? Conduit needed? Conduit running is required when it comes to protecting wires from outside exposure, and underground elements. Corporate companies as a majority do not offer this service for you making it extremely difficult for customers who are left with the responsibility of locating contractors on their own. 

Just another way of showing you at DFW Custom Video Surveillance we are prepared for the task at hand.  


DFW Custom Video Surveillance caters to new home construction, small businesses, and commercial buildings. 

Quality installation and expert wiring are paramount. After all proper pre-wiring ensures no interference between systems and components when communicating with each other. 

Complications with poor wiring can be time consuming and costly to repair. At DFW Custom Video Surveillance we understand the importance in getting it done right the first time so only high-grade wires are used in every installation.