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Maintaining your surveillance system

Maintaining your surveillance system is a good habit to get into, by staying on top of your surveillance system you'll always know whether or not it's preforming optiomally. 

Trimming Landscape

If you have outdoor cameras, make sure you're reviewing the outside footage. Vines, bushes, trees can easily interfere with optimal vantage points, keep these obstacles trimmed and neat in order to keep your camera angles unobstructed. 

Clean Camera Lenses

Make sure to check your indoor and outdoor camera lenses periodically to insure they're clean. Look for any dust, smudging, or other natrual residue that may accumliate on the lense. If the lense is dirty, you won't get a clear shot even if your security camera shoots in high resolution. 

To begin the cleaning process you can use a can of compressed air to lightly spray off any dirt or dust from the lense followed by wiping down the lense very gently with a microfiber cloth. 

Check Camera Housing 

Check your camera housing for cracks, natural wear are tear, or other unintended damage. This insures your outdoor cameras stay waterproof and protected from the elements. 

Make Sure Cabling is Securley Connected

Check all of your cable connections, including if possible those connected to your security camera, DVR, and monitor. Also check the cables for any signs of wear. 

Remove Dust From Your DVR

Over time, your DVR can develop a layer of dust if you don’t dust it regularly and it may affect your DVR’s performance. Frequently wipe your security DVR with a microfiber cloth, and used a can of compress air to remove dust from crevices. It’s not recommended to remove your DVR enclosure.

Check Your Power Supplies

Frequently check your security system’s power supplies to ensure that your system hasn’t lost power due to tampering, a storm, a brown out or some other unwanted event. 

Unsure how to address an issue not listed here? Don't hesitate to email or call us for questions or maintence of your surveillance system.