Download the iwatch dallas app to easily stay involved in your community

Looking to stay informed, or inform local law enforcement about suspicious behavior in your neighborhood? Consider downloading the iWatch Dallas App. For more information you can visit 

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Maintaining your surveillance system

Maintaining your surveillance system is a good habit to get into, by staying on top of your surveillance system you'll always know whether or not it's preforming optiomally. 

Trimming Landscape

If you have outdoor cameras, make sure you're reviewing the outside footage. Vines, bushes, trees can easily interfere with optimal vantage points, keep these obstacles trimmed and neat in order to keep your camera angles unobstructed. 

Clean Camera Lenses

Make sure to check your indoor and outdoor camera lenses periodically to insure they're clean. Look for any dust, smudging, or other natrual residue that may accumliate on the lense. If the lense is dirty, you won't get a clear shot even if your security camera shoots in high resolution. 

To begin the cleaning process you can use a can of compressed air to lightly spray off any dirt or dust from the lense followed by wiping down the lense very gently with a microfiber cloth. 

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alarm systems pay for themselves

Did you know on average a burglary results in $2,251 of stolen property? By deterring just one burglary, a security system pays for itself. Whether you want to keep your family safe, or just keep an eye on loved ones, you can rely on DFW Custom Video Surveillance to be there.

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